HomeFull, a celebration of Poetry and Art in the borough of Queens 2016
by The Kew Gardens Council for Recreation and the Arts, Inc.

watercolor and collage on watercolor paper
15 x 12 inches

5 poets and 25 inspired artists reflect on Home. My painting was inspired by the poem written by Sweta Vikram .

Home by Sweta Vikram
I used to be someone
who bragged about two homes--
one that carried the scent of my childhood,
twirling under my Mumma's sari & Papa's poetry and feeling in awe of my brother's hiking adventures. The other one that I built
with cement of dreams with my husband--
dipping my fingers in curries, creating new memories. But with Mumma suddenly gone
and her ashes turning to tears in my eyes,
I struggle to find one answer:
Is home the place I yearn for
or is it the place
I am running away from?

  • HomeFull 2016
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